Rebuilding Hope When We Are Shocked or Scared by World Events

Hand in Hand Parenting Podcast for Parents, Episode 18: Rebuilding Hope When We Are Shocked or Scared by World Events

mom, child and baby cuddled up togetherWhen shocking events or natural disasters leave us raw and overwhelmed parenting can feel tougher than usual. Today Abigail and Elle share Hand in Hand’s ideas for caring well for ourselves and our children when events rock us.

We talk about how much to share with our children about these events and why pulling together will be, in the end, what pulls us through.

Lack of Control

One feeling that’s common following a shocking event is of losing control. This episode talks about the idea of focussing on the present moment with our children as a way to nourish and restore our sense of good and security in our immediate world.

What To Expect of Ourselves and Our Kids

Elle mentions the ways that shock and fear can play our for children in less obvious ways, in clinginess, defiance or bravado, and Abigail talks about how their behavior might trigger us because of the feelings we hold around an event. Making space to let them cry and heal, or to go a little gentler in these times can help, they decide.

The podcast ends on a note of hope, with suggestions for pulling together as a family, rebuilding hope and closeness through action. As parents, we can be the change that stops events dividing people, Abigail says, a place we can listen to others even when we disagree.

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