What’s Going Well in your Parenting?

That’s right! What’s going well?

happy little girl and mom laughingIt’s easy to tear yourself apart over parenting, questioning what’s going wrong, and becoming overwhelmed with doubts and disappointments. But this week Abigail and Elle  – and right in time for Valentines – look at the value of taking a moment or two to see what’s going good for you and your family.

What’s Going Well?

Find out how to train your brain to notice more about what’s going well in your parenting. See more good in your kids, and yourself in this episode with Hand in Hand’s Elle Kwan and Abigail Wald.

Abigail and Elle give a quick rundown on what’s going well for them and then talk about how easy it is to get focused on specifics in our parenting, from potty training and sibling rivalry to your child getting good grades at school. When these don’t live up to our expectations we can feel bogged down, and they can become sticky points for us. When you have a few of these issues going on at one time, it’s easy to begin to set yourself up to notice nothing but negatives.

Searching for the good, even in the dark times, breaks that pattern and can give a real boost that keeps you going.

Join Abigail and Elle this week as they delve into the good times in parenting and find out how we can condition our brains to notice and delight more of these good times.

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