Angels Away, Hellions at Home: Why Do Some Kids Save Their “Bad” Behavior for Home?

Has anyone ever told you what an angel your child was? A school teacher, a parent after a playdate?

And you thought? Huh??? An angel? Certainly not at home!

This week on the Podcast we are chatting about why our children can be hard to deal with at home even when he or she is seen as an angel outside.

Little boy looking a bit sad or grumpy

  • Why the screaming, defiance and tantrums?
  • Why the backtalk, the squabbling, and drama?
  • Why is all this anger and fire coming right at you?

Why, oh why, oh why?!

Why Kids Save Their Big Feelings and “Bad Behavior” for home?

Abigail and Elle talk about why kids save their big feelings and “bad behaviors” for home, and how hard it can be to see all these behaviors when no-one else does. Plus they reveal secrets to turning things around so that you can enjoy and appreciate your kids as much as the teachers and other grown-ups in their lives that praise them.

During the episode we chat about:

  • How to see the good in your child daily – even when the going gets tough
  • Embracing your kid’s wilder side as part of their whole self
  • Finding ways to check your boundaries and as a parent to keep a balance on behaviors

Join Abigail and Elle for this week’s podcast to find out why kids might be angels away even if they are hellions at home, with tools and advice to help find your peace when kids save their big feelings just for you!

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