Kids and The Art of Travelling With Them

New foods, new people, new places, new things

Traveling with kids brings a whole suitcase full of the unexpected!

Mom holding child on vacation at sunset

It’s easy to forget how special traveling with kids can be, amid the chaos and confusion of going away, so much so it can feel easier to say “we’ll just stay at home.”

Yet it’s these times away that can prove so special. They can really come to shape a family and bring parents and kids so much closer.

So how can parents prepare for traveling with their children?

Listen to: Kids and the Art of Traveling With Them

This week on the podcast Elle and Abigail talk about practical tools and strategies you can use with your kids before going away and while you are on the road.

From helping children express their big feelings about traveling to what to do about parent judgment, Abigail and Elle talk about the big causes of upset when families travel and how to handle them smoothly.

If you are venturing beyond the front doorstep even once this summer, we hope this podcast will be useful.

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keep connected

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