“Let’s NOT talk about the kids”: What Can You Do When Parenting Feels Lonely

How did you feel when you found the Hand in Hand Parenting approach? Most of us feel a sense of relief when we try one of the tools and have a positive outcome. We read the blog posts, listen to the podcast. Try a few more tools. We see changes.

That’s exciting! Things feel pretty good.

You can’t wait to tell the people you love most that you have found a breakthrough in your parenting.

Except, when you try, they don’t want to know.

Your partner has no time for listening to a child cry. Your friends don’t understand why you’d want to devote time to Special Time. Your parents have no idea why you want to understand what’s behind your children’s whining, when you could issue a timeout and send them to their room.

These are generalizations, of course, but very often we can feel removed when we are parenting differently.

And that’s when parenting can feel pretty lonely.

On this week’s episode, Abigail and Elle discuss those times and the practical tools you can use to overcome parenting loneliness:

  • How to make space for your feelings and take the heat off your relationships
  • Why accepting how we all come to parenting with our own stories can help us gain a better understanding of why others may be resistant
  • How you can use Hand in Hand’s parenting tools in new ways to involve others (without them even knowing!)
  • Why noticing what is going well helps you come to relationships with a sense of warmth

When you use these tools, you can feel less lonely in your parenting.

Listen to “Let’s NOT talk about the kids”: When Parenting Feels Lonely now

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