3 Reasons We Parents Can Suck at Setting Limits

Elle confesses that she really sucks at setting limits with her kids – and together she and Abigail suss out ways to make rules, boundaries and enforcing them a whole lot easier.

Join us this week if you’ve ever battled with yourself about when to set limits, or found that whenever you do set limits your kids just don’t seem to listen.

Listen to the podcast this week and learn:

  • Top 3 reasons why limit setting is failing you
  • Ways you can reframe what it means to set limits
  • Why backchat isn’t all bad
  • Why determining what matters for you and your family really helps you set limits more effectively.

If you want to stop yelling and start setting calm limits, or you are sick of your buttons and boundaries getting pushed, join us for this podcast.

More Resources for Setting Limits with your Kids

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