Setting limits with kids

Discover A Surprisingly Simple Way to Set Limits Your Child Will Listen To

This way of setting limits is like nothing you’ve probably seen before. It involves no need for bribing, yelling, time outs or punishment. Instead, Patty shows you what’s going on with a child when they start pushing buttons and boundaries, and how this way of setting limits addresses their core need.

If you are tired of yelling at your kids who won’t listen, constant nagging or just feeling unheard, this way of setting limits will give you a useful tool to guiding your child. You’ll also build the connection you need to raise kind, aware and considerate children.

Watch this surprisingly simple way to set limits your child will listen to, and discover:

  • 1.30 – Why this approach to setting limits looks like nothing you’ve likely seen.
  • 2.35 – Setting limits is often the most kind and thoughtful thing you can do for a child who is testing boundaries. Here’s why.
  • 3.10 – How this style of setting limits sets you free of guilt and worry and brings peace of mind to your parenting.
  • 3.30 – The difference between limits and compliance. Why you will not need to lecture, reason, ignore your child or threaten them with punishment or consequences.
  • 4.10 – What it means to “bring a limit,” and how to set a limit simply, with very few words. (Hint: 5 words or less works best).
  • 4.40 – How setting limits this way actually helps your child’s emotional health, and the reactions you can expect to see from your child.
  • 7.50 – We ask you to appreciate the full intensity of what your child shows you. Learn why that response helps them and you.
  • 8.35 – Why holding the limit is the most effective way to guide your child.

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