Isabela Budusan

My name is Isabela Budusan and I am the happy mother of three young children. I am living in a small town in the heart of Transylvania – Aiud. Prior to becoming a Hand in Hand Instructor I earned two … Continue reading

Hand in Hand’s Newest Instructors

Welcome, Hand in Hand Parenting’s New Certified Instructors 2017 We are so delighted to introduce to you our newest Certified Instructors of Hand in Hand Parenting. Each of them has done wonderful work in listening, connecting, and using the tools … Continue reading

15 Tips For Getting Out Of The House With Kids

I’d love to live in a world where my daughter could take her time, where I could just open the back door and she could run out and play with other children all day. Unfortunately our world is not that simple. Most of us out of necessity have to, at least some of the time, get our children out of the house. And we a have a time limit. Continue reading