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Les pères sont des parents de première importance

Les pères sont des parents de première importance

Un article traduit de l’anglais par Chloé Saint Guilhem, formatrice certifiée Hand in Hand Les enfants aiment leur papa ! Tes enfants adorent entendre ta voix, te voir passer la porte, s’asseoir à côté de

Child who is happy to practise

Got A Child Who Refuses To Practise? Try A Special Time Sandwich

Whether it’s music, homework, sports or another skill, when a child refuses to practise it can be frustrating. You want your child to progress and increase in confidence, as well as skill.

How can you help?

In this post, one instructor describes how her child went from plugging their ears whenever she suggested practising to happily asking to do more. It all started with a “Special Time Sandwich.” If you are tired of fighting about practising, give it a try.

What If I’m Just Not A Playful Parent?

“Play with me?” That one question is asked at least 100 times a day in most houses, by kids to their parents. Time and time again we hear that play improves connections. Greys Anatomy-creator (and former

End Power Struggles with Children Through Play

Sooner or later in our lives as parents, we find ourselves locked in a power struggle with our child. It can happen over being fed with a spoon when a baby is just a year old.

Build Connection With Your Child Through Play

Children function best when they feel connected to someone who cares about them. You can build connection with your child through play, laughter, roughhousing, cuddling, and warm, enthusiastic attention. Stresses of all kinds, loneliness, isolation,

Playlistening – Play that Solves Parent Struggles

Play is the safe cradle in which our children experiment, express themselves, and explore their world. Whatever the activity, your child is playing when her actions are spontaneous, she controls her role, and there’s no

Motivated child with thumbs up

The Secret Behind Raising Motivated Children

What motivates your child to stick with a task and master new skills, even when it feels hard? These science-backed strategies help you to support your child through tough moments.

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