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Elle Kwan

Back To School Support Pack For Educators

The first day of school can be a source of great anxiety, with students and parents feeling anticipation and nerves. The tools and strategies in this Back to School Support Pack build a sense of

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Elle Kwan

Back To School Support Pack for Parents

Welcome to your back to school support pack. Cycle through all the information and activities included here and get all you need for your child to start the school year with confidence. 1. Guide to Separation

Start School Days with Special Time!

On busy school day mornings, we try to send our children off with love. We sandwich “I love you. Have a good day!” between “Where’s my homework?” and “Can you pick me up after soccer

A Dose of Special Time in the Morning

Dreaded Mornings! Mornings before school were the absolute worst. When my kids were little and I was home with them all day, I wanted them to go to school so badly. Be careful what you

Emily Murray

Brooke Bishara

I tried Hand In Hand’s listening tools at home and noticed a wonderful shift in my family. I nagged less. I found I could play a lot more and build cooperation at the same time.

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Parent Stress
Madeleine Winter

Making A Connection Plan For Happier Holidays

In Part 1, Setting A Connection Plan In Place For The Holidays we looked at a family on holiday. Three siblings were happily playing, until suddenly, without much warning, the bigger child pushed a younger

Julianne Idleman

Staylistening to my Son on Mother’s Day

It was Mother’s Day and my kids were waking up at my house, where I live with my second wife and her daughter. My ex-wife and I share custody, and the kids go back and

For Dads

Hand in Hand Parenting welcomes Dads to attend any of our events and classes online and around the world.  The Parent Club Community is a good place to find out more and bring your questions.

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