How to Keep Your Family Strong and Loving after Divorce

Coping with divorce? When today’s guest, Kristen Zuzek Volk, found Hand in Hand, she’d almost written off a loving relationship with her daughter. After a recent divorce, her two kids were screaming, crying and acting

Imperfect Is Good Enough

He reminds me that no one expects me to be perfect except myself. And I lose it over how much pressure I put on myself… and how I’m failing my children…

Helping My Daughter Let Go of Feelings About the Divorce

Leah had returned from her dad’s house chock full of feelings—she seemed sullen and sad and had lost all enthusiasm about the party. I decided to help my daughter get in better emotional shape so that she would be able to enjoy our party.

Dad’s Listening Leads to Cooperation

I’ve been working with Cynthia on learning how to build a solid foundation through working with my daughter rather than trying to control her.

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