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Father and child laughing at bedtime story

Four Steps To A Peaceful Bedtime Routine

A guest post by Irina Nichifiriuc Read this post in Romanian In our house, I faced a series of “battles” and obstacles every night as the day wore on towards bedtime. With three children, I

Separation Anxiety: Two Tools That Will Help

In the middle of preparing for a talk on Separation Anxiety with my fellow Hand in Hand Instructor, Anca Deaconu, my children decided to give me the perfect opportunity to practice what I preach. It

Why Do My Kids Cry After We Have Good Fun?

When I started using Special Time with my children they just fell in love with it. Special Time is a Hand in Hand tool that works like this: You set aside a certain amount of

This is What It Sounds Like When Moms Cry

    It was Friday, the last working day in a long week and frustrating things just kept happening. Some were to do with my family – like my son refusing to do his homework and

Dad Lets Go of Stress So Everyone Can Play

Sometimes all it takes to lift your partner’s spirits is to really focus on them and just listen. A few minutes turned this dad’s day into a playful connection with his kids.

Helping My Toddler with Her Fear of Dogs

After the incident, my daughter refused to go out of the house for the next couple of days. She would start screaming as soon as I would open the door. I took her gently in my arms and showed her out the window that the dog was in the kennel now and then we went outside. She wouldn’t let go, she stayed in my arms. The next day again we went back outside, and I called the dog to let her see that the dog couldn’t get out of the run.

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