Why Has My Little Boy Become Violent?

A Guest Post by Michelle Kokel Dear Hand in Hand, Please help. My 4-year-old son has had a turbulent time at pre-school and has become very aggressive. I am seeing this as an issue around separation. We have increased Special … Continue reading

These Four Rules of Play Help Kids Shine

We’ve all read research and articles promoting play, but play is more than independent play or playing with siblings or friends. For sure, kids benefit from those ways to play, but playing with parents and caregivers gives additional benefits. Kids … Continue reading

Play Works Better Than Punishment When It Comes to Sibling Fighting

Sibling rivalry can be really difficult for parents to see – and the conventional view is that we should respond with disapproval, threats of punishment, or other stern actions. However, once we understand that a child who is lashing out is actually feeling stuck – that their emotional brain has some hard feelings to offload – we can start to think about these off-track behaviours in a different way.

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