When Your Child Hits, Kicks, Bites and Fights

What To Do When Your Child Hits, Kicks, Bites and Fights


“I hate you!”

“You are so mean!”

“You don’t love me!”

A kick, as you attempt to draw close and maintain some level of order.

A scratch, as you reach out to hug.

Hitting and a screaming battle as you order “time out.”

How hard is it to parent when your child is lashing out? Incredibly hard.

So many reactions are triggered when your child – the baby you held in your arms and love so hard – fights you. Common feelings include:

  • Shame: Shouldn’t you able to control this little person?
  • Judgement: Is everyone looking at you, why can’t you deal with this?
  • Outrage: How dare he hurt you!
  • Guilt: Are you raising a spoiled brat?

You aren’t alone. Tantrums and lashing out are common, especially with toddlers who don’t know how to handle frustrations and resort to these violent interactions instead. Research shows that fear – often deep-rooted fear – causes children to rage, so what can you to keep your calm and make your relationship strong?

In our next discussion What To Do When Your Child Lashes Out we’ll talk about why kids attack and what you can do to keep calm and parent through the confusion. In the free call, you’ll discover:

  • How fear affects your child’s behaviour
  • Tools and strategies on how to manage your child’s rages
  • Identify triggers that affect how parents react to angry children
  • Staying calm when they lash out

We’ll show you that there’s a way to parent so that you treat the issues causing the rages and build a stronger bond between you and your child. All the tools can be used with children from pre-school age to pre-teen.

Register today for the call and learn what to do when your child lashes out. You’ll get a replay if you can’t dial in for the live event.

See you there!

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