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Aider les enfants avec l'agression

Aider les enfants avec l’agression

Un article traduit de l’anglais par Chloé Saint Guilhem, formatrice certifiée Hand in Hand Ton enfant a-t-il déjà envoyé un coup et blessé quelqu’un ? Un autre enfant agressif l’a-t-il déjà embêté ? Si ta

Why I Let My Child Hit During Her Upsets

“My daughter, who is seven, always wanted to sleep in my bed. She went through a period of crying every night about sleeping alone. I listened to her cry each time, hoping it was doing

Help School Troubles Using These Tools at Home

  Dear Hand in Hand, My child is having serious aggression issues at school. She’s been acting out a lot. Her teachers tell me she throws tantrums and she cries loudly when she gets told

Are Secret Fears Driving Your Child’s Aggression?

What is Hand in Hand Parenting?: Day 8 In the last of our series of Listen Launch Posts, Patty Wipfler talks about how children’s deep down fears can erupt in patterns of aggression and how releasing

When Your Child Hits, Kicks, Bites and Fights

  “I hate you!” “You are so mean!” “You don’t love me!” A kick, as you attempt to draw close and maintain some level of order. A scratch, as you reach out to hug. Hitting

One Way to Set a Limit With an Aggressive Child

Hand in Hand’s Laura Minnigerode uses a special limit setting tool called a vigorous snuggle with a child that scratches and grabs. The warmth and smiles she uses while saying “no,” diffuses anger and fosters connection. Here’s how to set a limit with affection even when a child has aggression.

20 playful ways to handle a child's aggression

20 Playful Ways To Heal Aggression

Aggression is common in toddlers, but that doesn’t mean it’s inevitable. The Hand in Hand Parenting philosophy is based on the fact that all children are naturally, good, loving and co-operative. Sometimes hurt feelings overwhelm

Playing Away My Son’s Aggressive Behaviour

I had to keep a very close watch on my son, and be able to move in fast to protect myself or my daughter when he decided to have a swipe! But as the time went on, these incidents were fewer, and he was laughing more, and including his sister more in the games we were playing. I could sense we were all feeling very close.

Kissing All the Yucky Stuff Out – a Playful Way to Stop the Hitting!

My four-year-old son, feeling disconnected from me, hit his little sister over the head quite hard. I couldn’t get there in time to physically stop him, and my daughter ran to me screaming. While I held her, I looked over to my son, sitting by himself looking so hurt, guilty, and upset too.

Set Limits Without Blame or Shame

I have thought a lot about what words I say to my two children when they are pushing boundaries and I need to set a limit. I have found the phrase, “I can’t let you

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