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Helping young children sleep

Aider les jeunes enfants à dormir

Un article traduit de l’anglais par Soizic Le Gouais et Chloé Saint Guilhem, formatrice certifiée Hand in Hand La confiance dans le sommeil ne vient pas naturellement pour beaucoup d’enfants et ils peuvent lutter pour

POst about co-sleeping with teenagers

Should I Still Be Co-Sleeping With My Tween?

“Hi, I’ve been using the Hand in Hand tools for a few years but my husband has never really been on board. I’ve modelled using the Tools – and over the years he used to

Father and child laughing at bedtime story

Four Steps To A Peaceful Bedtime Routine

A guest post by Irina Nichifiriuc Read this post in Romanian In our house, I faced a series of “battles” and obstacles every night as the day wore on towards bedtime. With three children, I

help your child sleep

How to Help Your Child Stay in Bed and Sleep at Night

When I had my own kids, I was determined that they would never have to be frightened as they fell asleep at night. But how do we help children sleep well on their own? What does it really take to build sleep confidence?

How To Set Limits That Help Children Sleep

In this post on sleep issues, we talked about using play as a tool that helps children release the minor fears and tensions that hold them back from sleeping well. Sometimes those fears run deeper

Unexplained Crying May Come from an Emotional Need

With Laura Minnigerode You thought you’d covered everything. It’s late in the day, your baby is fed, healthy, and her diaper is changed, you’ve jiggled and jostled her until you are exhausted, and she is still

Listening to Little Kids Helps Them Sleep

By Laura Minnigerode Carmela is 21 months old, and a student in my classroom in a community college lab school. Because she loves to play and is not as sleepy as many of the other

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