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Dave Cales

Dave is a proud father of two grown men. He came to Hand in Hand looking for ways to rebuild his relationship with his sons after years of parenting them the only way he knew how: using punishment & shame in attempts to control their behavior. Through the Hand Listening Tools, Dave’s relationship with his sons grew in ways he couldn’t have imagined possible. 

Katharine Willsher

I live in Guildford, Surrey in the UK with my husband and three children; a girl and two boys. Before becoming a parent I worked as a finance professional but with an active interest in


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Child who is happy to practise

Got A Child Who Refuses To Practise? Try A Special Time Sandwich

Whether it’s music, homework, sports or another skill, when a child refuses to practise it can be frustrating. You want your child to progress and increase in confidence, as well as skill.

How can you help?

In this post, one instructor describes how her child went from plugging their ears whenever she suggested practising to happily asking to do more. It all started with a “Special Time Sandwich.” If you are tired of fighting about practising, give it a try.

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