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Why Tantrums Happen and How You Can Help…Part 1

How Is A Tantrum A Bid For Connection? The man at my parenting talk is exasperated by his two-year-old son’s behavior. “First, he wants a glass of milk,” he tells me. “I pour the glass

Tantrum training for parents

Tantrum Training For Parents In Four Simple Steps

I’ll let you in on a profound insight that changed my life. Your kids don’t need tantrum training but you probably do! No doubt you have always been shown and told that tantrums are a

20 Years of Hand in Hand And My Kids Are Thriving

“I was lucky to get involved with Hand in Hand (then Parents Leadership Institute) when my children were aged 6, 3, and just-born, over twenty years ago.  I was in quite a lot of stress,

Why Kids Throw Big Tantrums Over Small Things

Have you ever got home from a really crap day where EVERYTHING went wrong? You see that your darling partner has accidentally left the milk out of the fridge and you just LOSE it, ranting

A No-Fuss Way to Set Limits on Screen Time

My four-year-old son LOVES garbage trucks. He is obsessed with them, and not just the trucks. He loves everything to do with garbage disposal: garbage cans, recycling, compost, trips to the landfill, and the garbage

When Kids Words Hurt

  “She’s viciously swearing, venomously shouting horrible things” I explain to my Listening Partner. I am relating the story of my morning; a repetitive recurring interaction between me and my 6 year old daughter. I

Light in the Dark: Helping Your Angry Child

Earlier that night my daughter had shown us some big feelings by screaming and crying when I set a limit for no more cookies.  Now, even though it was late and much past her bedtime,

I Want Another Cookie and I Will Not Buckle My Car Seat

We were at an impasse for at least 10 minutes. We tried to wait patiently for her to be ready to leave, but she refused to buckle her car seat and physically prevented us from helping her. Finally, after at least 10 minutes, she allowed me to help her. She was tired and angry and the look in her eyes said, “Help me. I’m in here somewhere and I can’t find myself.”

Tantrums Don’t Have to Be Terrible

It works because they learn that they can trust you to be their guide when they are lost. They learn that you love them in their darkest moments.

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