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POst about co-sleeping with teenagers

Should I Still Be Co-Sleeping With My Tween?

“Hi, I’ve been using the Hand in Hand tools for a few years but my husband has never really been on board. I’ve modelled using the Tools – and over the years he used to help me with Special Time when they were little, and he’s watched me hold them through their tantrums, instead of

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Keeping Closer to Your Teen: Why Parents Need Flexibility

Planning Special Time with a teen can be a little different than with a younger child. It’s a topsy-turvy road of uncertainty, for sure.  Several years ago my son always jumped at the chance to have Special Time. Now that he is 13, he often tells me that he does not want it – most

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Teen Emotions: Helping Your Teen To Release

My daughter, 13, and I were getting ready for bed this week when things turned playful. It started because she is a master at picking up any irritation in my voice, even when I’m not aware of it. We joked with each other about the difference between how she experiences things and how I do

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Listening to Teens Can Get Messy

We were surrounded by foam peanuts. I don’t know how anyone can be oblivious to foam peanuts on the floor, but she was! She was talking happily to me about this, that, and the other, with a big smile on her face, when I felt this really strong urge to take some of those peanuts and throw them at her. So, I picked up a bunch of them in my hand and, in slow motion, with some soft dramatic noises, I slowly inched my way toward her with the foam peanuts.

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Listen, Limit, Listen

I sat there thinking how Mother’s Day was an hour away, I would be getting up at 7 and driving to South San Francisco with my daughter and right now I am probably the absolute LAST person she wants to be with. Sigh. A Mother’s Day to look forward to.

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Pillow Fighting Saves the Day

I thought, “No, we aren’t going to be able to handle a big upset right now!” so I got her to let him go, and we kept on pillowfighting and wrestling for a long time–10 or 15 minutes.

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Setting Limits with a Pre-Teen

My wife and I also had to process our feelings: it didn’t feel good to hear how painful it was for us to limit her social life in this way. She felt badly, we felt badly.

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Advice Doesn’t Work for My Teen

I didn’t really realize what I was doing, but I could feel that Anna was not listening to me. Tension was building up in the car. When we arrived at home the first thing she did was to shout angrily at her little sister without any reason!

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