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Sensory processing issues can be hard for kids and adults

How To Support a Child With Sensory Processing Challenges

On the playground one child is crying because he can’t get the sand off his hands and he hates the feeling. A second child is yelling “Higher! Higher!” as her dad pushes her on the swing as high as it will go. Another child is running around, sometimes inadvertently crashing into other children, while another

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5 Fresh Fun Ideas for Your Next Car Trip with the Kids

“Are we there yet?” “How much longer?” “Stop kicking the seat!” “Leave your brother alone!” “But he’s sticking his tongue out at me!” “I’m soooo bored!” Car rides, whether they’re five minutes or five hours, are notorious for causing upsets. It’s not surprising when you think about it. Once strapped into their seat, children are

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Dad plays with child

Join Us For A 7-Day Play Challenge and Feel Closer To Your Kids

“Will you play with me?”  What if that dreaded question, which so often feels heavy and tiresome, could transform the relationship you share with your child? You know your kids need food, water, sleep and comfort to thrive.  But what about play? If you look at the ways play builds children’s brains, helps them gain

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Try this when child says no

Tired of Hearing Your Child Say NO? Try This Reframe

I just wanted her to nap.  My energy was spent and getting her to sleep was my sole agenda.  Unfortunately, my cheerful, “Time for nap” was met with her “No” as she continued playing on the floor.  My fatigue and stress gave me little patience or understanding. I felt myself tighten and become more insistent

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