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mom setting limits on nursing

Setting Limits Around Nursing in the Morning

I wanted more flexibility with my 4-year-old. He had been acting with increasing rigidity throughout our day. So, I started to think of all the areas in which he had a lot of emotionally charged and demanding behavior, where setting limits might actually help him. Bingo! His feelings about nursing first thing in the morning

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family play is important

Why Play is Even More Important Right Now

If your child is begging you to play more lately, it’s not just because they are missing their friends. And, if you can play along with play, you may find yourself a happier parent too, says Hand in Hand Instructor Stacy Wilson.

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“I Don’t Want To!” Holding An Expectation When Your Child Refuses

A Gentle Parent’s Guide to Getting Your Children to Do Something You’re on the home stretch. Dinner is done. Toys have been tidied. PJs are on. You have storybooks in hand, and there is just one thing to do. “Time to brush your teeth,” you tell your 5-year-old..Who looks at you with disgust, yells, “NO!”

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Parent Club Weekly Skillbuilder 12/28/20

This Week’s Support: Your Holiday Connection Tool is Play VIDEO  Lift the tension right out of your Holiday with PLAY One of the best ways to end conflict among siblings, cousins, or friends, is to get some play going. Let them team up against you! ARTICLE: Giving the Gift of Play Children inherently know that play will help…...

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get on betterwith your kids over the holidays

Parenting During the Holidays

Here are links to stories and articles to help you focus on connecting and listening well as you navigate your way through the holiday season. Thanksgiving 5 Playful Ways to Solve Thanksgiving Struggles How 10 Minutes of Play Turned Thanksgiving Around Teaching my Extended Family How To Do Special Time Holiday Meltdowns Help for Holiday

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Connection over the holidays

18 Sanity-Saving Tips To Keep Connected Over the Holidays

Sleighbells ring, are you listening? Unfortunately, probably not. That is, if you are shoulder-high in festive planning and your children are fighting over the last gingerbread. Here’s 18 sanity-saving tips for tackling those holiday stresses, so that you can keep your calm, feel resourced and enjoy the winter season. 1. Play Out Excitements If the

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calm parenting

The Key to Calm and Patient Parenting

Are you tired of losing it with your kids? Do you wish you were a more patient parent? You can be. In this video, Patty introduces a unique parenting tool you can use to create space for yourself, and your kids, so that you can lead your family with calm, confidence and joy. This powerful

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title of video talk with Patty Wipfleron connecting with your child

Discover a Powerful Way To Connect With Your Child

Does your child know how much you love them? Like, how much you’d do anything for them love them? If you find yourself dishing out ultimatums, caught up in stand offs and power struggles or just plain confused by your child’s challenging behavior often, parenting starts to feel like a daily struggle. Your relationship with

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20 ideas for a socially distanced Halloween

20 Ideas to Keep Your Halloween Party Spirit Alive in 2020

Holidays and the traditions they bring are a time for family warmth and joy. And, as any Halloween-loving family knows, it takes more than a global pandemic to stop that party spirit. While Coronavirus lockdowns, social distancing and quarantines may mean you can’t go trick or treating or hold that huge costume party in the

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