Helping My Son While He Misses His Playmate

instead of telling him what to feel, I simply tried to make myself available for him and really listen. I let him take his time, while reassuring him that I was right there, fully listening to him and accepting him and his feelings just the way they were.

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In Praise of Special Time

I am now convinced that Special Time deserves credit for freeing me of feelings of guilt and regret as a parent, and bringing back a childlike zestfulness into my life and my family!

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Stepping In and Listening

Although we are friends, we have had to limit the time our son spends with their child, because the kind of language he often uses isn’t appropriate for our son to hear. They were making preparations for a birthday party for their son and our son saw this.

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Saying Good-bye to a Pet

My five-year-old son caught a three-inch long skink lizard the other day.  It was very exciting for both my sons.  The lizard was given a name and a place to stay. But, by the next day the lizard, which was … Continue reading

I Want to Go to the Park! Now!

he was stuck in “I want to go to the park” land. He whined, cried and begged to go to the park. I tried playing games with him to distract him, to no avail. I made up a song about “I want to go to the park.” He laughed a bit at that silliness, but soon returned to, “I want to go to the paaaarrrrk!!!” I ran around him in circles and tried to get him to dance with me. It only upset him more. His responses to all my questions and actions were, “I want to go to the park!!!” That was when I realized that it was not about going to the park. He was setting himself up for emotional release.

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Starting Kindergarten

My five-year-old started kindergarten last week and he is almost finished with his second week.  It wasn’t an easy transition for him and here is how we supported him using Parenting by Connection tools. Through summer, my son resisted to … Continue reading

Five Minutes Makes a Difference

“How about we do five minutes of ST [Special Time] before your brothers wake up?” He stopped for a moment and then started whining and yelling at me about how you couldn’t do anything in five minutes. I repeated my offer with the same relaxed tone. He calmed down and took me up on it.

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