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20 Things I Learned About Homeschooling

Thinking about homeschooling your child? These 20 insights from Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor Lara Zane shed light on making the decision and what it takes to get a good start. When my son was nearly six, we pulled him out of the small, friendly local school where he’d been for the past two years,

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Professionals Series: How Parenting Triggers Past Hurts (and How to Help)

Join Certified Instructors Sandra Flear, RP, DipTIRP, CPI, and Robin Setchko, LMFT, for this replay of a previous free parenting call for parents and professionals. During this call they discussed what interpersonal neurobiology is teaching us about how early memories are formed, and how parenting can re-stimulate difficult early experiences in parents. They also discussed

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Children, Trauma, and How Hand in Hand Helps

Do you work with parents or families? Training is available to help you bring these tools to the parents and children you care for in your practice. CAMFT CEU approval #142145. Click to learn more.  Hand in Hand Foundations Course for Professionals. Over 8 weeks you’ll experience the profound and lasting changes that the five

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Ways to Respond When Your Child Says My Teacher Is Mean

Does your tween or teen complain about school? Read on for advice about talking to the school and supporting your child from home. “My teacher is so mean!!!” One mother in our group Hand in Hand for Parents of Preteens and Older Kids had been hearing that a lot since her child returned to school.

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Parents Need To Talk About Race Early and Often

I am writing this in the wake of the death of George Floyd and the heartening reaction globally of people taking a stand against these tragic losses of Black lives. It is an eye-opening time for many, a humbling time for many others and also a call to action. This subject is dear to my

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12 Strategies to Maximize At Home Schooling With Your Child

Read on to learn 12 Ideas To Use When Schooling At Home Feels Like a Struggle (and get your free printable)   What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the words “remote learning?” “homeschooling” or “online learning.” If you groaned, felt needles of frustration, rolled your eyes, or just wanted

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What to Do When You Hit Hurdles in Special Time

I’ve been teaching about Special Time this week and it’s led me to think more about my journey with it. These days we do Special Time for about 15 minutes per child every day, and it’s a chunk of time that we all, me included, enjoy. The impact on how my kids feel and therefore

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How to Make Special Time a Regular Practice

Patty talks about just what you can expect when you use Special Time (and our other Listening Tools) over your two or more decades of parenting. If you’ve ever doubted the magic of this tool, watch now and get re-inspired.  

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