A Dose of Special Time in the Morning

Dreaded Mornings! Mornings before school were the absolute worst. When my kids were little and I was home with them all day, I wanted them to go to school so badly. Be careful what you wish for. Our mornings became so dreaded they left an emotional scar on me everyday. Nobody wanted to be rushed

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“I’m Bored!” How to Deal with Your Child’s Boredom

In this post, you’ll find out what causes boredom and ideas on how to deal with your child’s boredom. “I’m bored!” What’s a parent to do when a child flops down on the floor and complains, “I’m bored! There’s nothing to do,” and waits, blank and listless, for some zap of inspiration to save them from

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Lorsque ta famille et tes amis ne comprennent pas ton style de parentage

Lorsque nous choisissons d’être des parents différents de la norme, nous ajoutons une couche supplémentaire de défi à nos assiettes déjà bien remplies. Sans le soutien et l’appui de la famille, des amis ou des professionnels, la tâche difficile de s’occuper de nos enfants devient beaucoup plus ardue. Les parents qui choisissent d’élever leurs enfants

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When Your Kids Will Do Anything to Get Attention

In many, if not most, families one child becomes a squeaky wheel. The child insists on being the focus of attention, and ensures his or her position with behavior designed to bring a parent’s attention again and again. The child will employ that behavior, and that tone, whether it’s Monday or Saturday, January or June.

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Guérir de l’anxiété de séparation

Un article traduit de l’anglais par Soizic Le Gouais et Chloé Saint Guilhem formatrice certifiée Hand in Hand Les enfants s’épanouissent grâce au lien qui les unit à leurs parents Leur besoin de lien est fort et constant tout au long de l’enfance. C’est ce sentiment de sécurité et de connexion qui permet aux enfants

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Cinq idées pour éviter les explosions de colère devant ses enfants

Un article traduit de l’anglais par Soizic Le Gouais et Chloé Saint Guilhem formatrice certifiée Hand in Hand “Chère Patty,Je sais que lorsque mon fils aîné devient agressif envers mon petit dernier, c’est parce qu’il se sent comme isolé. Il cherche alors  par tous les moyens à ce que je m’occupe de lui. Je sais

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happy holiday with kids

Setting Limits On Holidays – Part 3: Stepping In

In this series we’ve been exploring how to set holidays up for the fun and relaxation time you all deserve.  In Part 1, we saw how kids can go from playing nicely one minute, to a sudden switch into fighting and tears. We covered how this happens when a child loses their sense of connection

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two happy kids on holiday

Making A Connection Plan For Happier Holidays

In Part 1, Setting A Connection Plan In Place For The Holidays we looked at a family on holiday. Three siblings were happily playing, until suddenly, without much warning, the bigger child pushed a younger one into the pool. This showed how the children had lost their sense of connection and how their behaviour was

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set a holiday connection plan with kids for happy holidays

Setting A Connection Plan In Place For The Holidays

Family holidays can be a special challenge for us parents. It’s good to spend time together. But often getting to the holiday destination can be stressful, and by definition, everyone is tired and worn out to begin with. We parents are often really, badly, in need of some down-time.   And at times like these,

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Staylistening to my Son on Mother’s Day

It was Mother’s Day and my kids were waking up at my house, where I live with my second wife and her daughter. My ex-wife and I share custody, and the kids go back and forth between our house and hers. My son was around 11 years old, and he was grumpy with his sister,

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mom helping child overcome anxiety

Three Ways To Help An Anxious Child Using Hand in Hand Parenting Tools

Tears every morning before school.  A daily fight before bed.  Anxiety disorders, like selective mutism.  No matter what a child is anxious about, the driving factor is the same.  Fear.  Oftentimes, the fear is not conscious. This is why children can’t name or explain their fears or the anxiety they feel in words. Instead, you

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Parent Club Weekly Email 9/19/22: A step-by-step plan to help with aggression

YOUR VIDEO: Aggression is an Emotional Project Aggression is a signal of big hurt and fear and this Project requires using ALL the tool. How to make a plan for this emotional project. https://youtu.be/rv1UY0FOKjw YOUR ARTICLE:  Helping Children With Aggression Here are some simple steps you can follow to help a child who becomes aggressive…....

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