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Shelley Macy, Certified Hand in Hand Instructor

Shelley Macy, MA

Shelley Macy believes wholeheartedly in the power of parents, in their goodness, and in how much they want good lives for their children. She has been an early childhood educator since 1972, has two adult

Helena Mooney

“Helena helps me to be the Mom I want to be” (Michelle, USA) There’s no doubt about it, parenting is hard work.  It’s relentless, sometimes boring and brings out the best and worst in us. 

Carol Kellendonk

I am a certified music teacher and I have been teaching in different school settings for over 25 years. I am also the mother of four children from age thirteen to twenty five. I started

Kristan Klingelhofer

Kristan Childs

Kristan has worked with children in many capacities, from teaching preschool to teaching high school, from working as an Outward Bound instructor, to an Americorps crew leader. When she had children of her own, she

Shaheen Merali

Shaheen Merali calls herself an international citizen, and for good reason! Born in Dubai to East-African parents with Indian origin, she moved to the US in her teens and then to the UK in her

Zsuzsanna Egry

Zsuzsanna Egry is the mother of three children of ages 8, 6, and 2.  After having traveled and worked as a volunteer in Swaziland, France, and Ireland for several social, cultural and environmental NGOs, she

Patty Wipfler, Founder

Patty Wipfler was born, raised, and educated in California, graduating from Occidental College in 1968, and is the mother of two sons. The focus of her work since 1974 has been teaching basic listening, parenting,

Madeleine Winter

Madeleine Winter

Madeleine says, “the best thing I ever did was become a parent.  I don’t want any parent to feel bad about themselves as a parent.  No matter what the struggle, we parents are the bravest,

Teresa Kelleher Zepeda

Teresa is a native of El Salvador, and has been using Hand in Hand Parenting since her eldest was a toddler. She discovered this work through a Tears and Tantrums class. Teresa now has two children,

Maria Chew

Maria has been an educator and advocate for children and families for nearly 20 years. Starting her career as an elementary school teacher, reading specialist and public school advocate, Maria’s educational philosophy came full circle

Adriana Castillo

Adriana Castillo was born in Mexico and came to the Santa Cruz with her husband Pedro in 1990. After their first daughter was born in 1991, Adriana joined a parents group at the Family Health

Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson has been in the field of education for over fifteen years as a teacher, trainer, and researcher. She has a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in conflict resolution and peaceable schools. She

Laurel Near

Laurel Near is the mother of three, two boys and a girl, who are now all adults. She began practicing Parenting By Connection with Patty Wipfler in the late 80s. After completing certification, she taught

Sadie Van Gelder

A Parenting by Connection instructor in Los Angeles, and a co-moderator of Hand in Hand’s online discussion group, Sadie is also a mother of two girls and an editor specializing in articles about psychology and health. As

Kathy Gordon

Kathy came to parenting late in life.  She was single and in her 40s when she recognized her burning desire to be a Mom.  So 10 years ago, Kathy adopted a beautiful baby boy, who

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