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Noémi Ambrózy

Noémi is a mother of two hearing-impaired children, originally an architect and interior designer. With the birth of her children, she found herself in a very different life, than she imagined, so changed her career

Kim Green

I live in rural North Central Washington near a beautiful lake with my husband, two young boys, and German Shepherd. I have been a public school teacher since 2006, teaching mainly middle school language arts,

Philippa Ewer, MPsych(clinical)

I am currently practicing as a Clinical Psychologist in New Zealand. I was introduced to Hand in Hand Parenting by a dear friend back in 2019, and for that, I am forever grateful. Both my

Chantal Harrison, Aunty Ask

Chantal Harrison

Hi, my name is Chantal Harrison (She/Her) aka Aunty Ask. I am a mother of two and live with my children and husband in Sydney, Australia.  I wear many hats including Hand In Hand Parenting instructor

Kate Howe

Hello! I am Kate Howe. I am a mom to two strong, sweet girls. I am also a graphic designer by trade, a systems thinker, amateur gardener, and student of Life. Before Hand in Hand

Brooke Bishara

I tried Hand In Hand’s listening tools at home and noticed a wonderful shift in my family. I nagged less. I found I could play a lot more and build cooperation at the same time. I learned how to bring connection into difficult moments. Power struggles eased. The deep love that had always been there now flowed more freely.

Lisa Tripp, Ph.D.

Lisa Tripp, Ph.D., lives in Tallahassee, Florida, with her partner and school-aged son. She has been using the tools of Hand in Hand since her son was born and is deeply inspired by the approach.

Caroline Griswold

I found Hand in Hand Parenting in 2013 when my son was almost one and I was searching for a way to help him sleep that felt loving and respectful of both of our needs. A friend sent me Patty Wipfler’s article Helping Young Children Sleep. It was eye-opening—the idea that tears could be healing and that parents could support their children through difficult emotional times landed deeply with me.

Paola Robotti

Paola is a certified Hand-in-Hand parenting instructor. She discovered the Hand-in-Hand method when her daughter was a baby and started her training to become a parenting instructor when her child was four. An avid reader of the literature on child development and attachment, Paola enjoys helping other parents find their joy and confidence in parenting.

Ali Tepper

Ali is the mama of three tender-hearted and imaginative children. She is the founder of Raising You and Me LLC: Parent Coaching and Education. She brings a Masters degree in elementary education and over a

Dave Cales

Dave is a proud father of two grown men. He came to Hand in Hand looking for ways to rebuild his relationship with his sons after years of parenting them the only way he knew how: using punishment & shame in attempts to control their behavior. Through the Hand Listening Tools, Dave’s relationship with his sons grew in ways he couldn’t have imagined possible. 

Indira Raja

Indira Raja, Certified Hand in Hand Instructor Welcome to my page! I am so glad you are here! I came across Hand in Hand Parenting in 2014 when I was looking for ways to help

Katharine Willsher

I live in Guildford, Surrey in the UK with my husband and three children; a girl and two boys. Before becoming a parent I worked as a finance professional but with an active interest in

Anouck de Boer

In addition to being a Certified Hand in Hand Parenting instructor, Anouck de Boer shares a psychology practice in the Netherlands together with Hand in Hand Instructor Marieke Sluijs. One of their services is supporting

Sophie Menard

Facebook and the magic of its famous algorithm: this is how everything started for Sophie on her journey to becoming a Hand in Hand parenting instructor.  While frantically scrolling on social media, looking desperately for

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